1. Q. Why are your prices higher than other supplier’s?

A. Youwin supply high quality L.E.D lighting and use high quality parts including; Meanwell drivers and Bridgelux chips. Please check other supplier’s specifications on parts to give a fair comparison on costs.

2. Q. How do I compare my current light with an LED light, so I can make an intelligent decision?

A. Calculate your ROI (return on investment), compared to conventional lighting, based on energy savings/power consumption, maintenance/replacement costs and in some cases reductions in fittings. Most LED should pay for themselves, on average, over a period of 18 months.

3. Q. What is a Lumen? How Bright is the LED light output?

A. Lumen; Unit of luminous flux, a measure of the total “amount” of visible light emitted by a source. A lumen represents at least 1/683 watts of visible light power. Brightness depends on many factors: Wattage, height above floor, colour, location etc. All our LED meet the minimum requirement of CRI>than 80.

4. Q. What is beam angle?  Which beam angle should I choose? What is the beam angle size?

A. Beam angle is the angle that the light reaches its intended target from the source. I.e. hits the floor from the suspended LED. Depends on location and the overlap effect you want to achieve. Youwin produce beam angles of 80 and 120 degrees.

5. Q. What is the warranty offered by Youwin?

A. 5 years- See our warranty terms and conditions.

6. Q.  Can you check and quote for the LED High bay light 400w to replace Halide 1000w?

A. You can find 400W high bay light from China markets,but from present technology, the heat dissipation technology is NOT mature,it will cause chip and driver broken. So from technology,we do not suggest to use that high power LED lights. We do suggest to use 2pcs 200W high bay instead of 1pcs 400W. 

7. Q. Please give details of your delivery date

A. 3-5 days for sample, 5-10 days for bulk order, 10-15 days for container order.

8. Q. What type of certification do you have?

A. Youwin hold: TUV, GS, CB, CE, RoHS, SAA, C-Tick, LCP, D-mark, SASO etc.

9. Can I use my Logo on your products?

A. Yes.

10. Can I customise the package as I require?

A. Yes you can, pls provide your artwork for package to Youwin

11. What kind of LED wattage can replace Metal Halide 400w?

A. 150W-200W is available, if you can provide the lighting area measurement will give you a accuracy & appropriate answer by Dialux lighting system from Youwin engineer team.

12. If I turn the light on 24hrs a day is the warranty still valid.

A. Yes.

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