Lighting Energy Audit 


FREE Comprehensive Lighting Energy Audit and Analysis:

With electricity cost continue to rise, placing ever-greater pressure on home and business owners. Lighting can contribute to a large portion of energy use especially in most commercial settings. Most business owners have no idea of how much energy they have wasted on their existing highly energy inefficient traditional lighting sources.

At Lumini, we provide FREE comprehensive lighting energy audit (Brisbane area ONLY), a detailed analysis of your current lighting infrastructure and provide you with a comprehensive report including improvement recommendations and systematic breakdown of your existing lighting energy consumption and cost. We will carefully explain to you the benefit of switching to LED Lighting and the associated cost savings you would be able to achieve based on your circumstances.

The audit report will contain the following informations:

· Types of lighting and its power consumption

· Lighting operational cost

· Potential energy and cost savings

· Return on investment (ROI)

We look forward to assist you to improve your lighting energy efficiency and most importantly to reduce your lighting operational cost. We are more than just a LED lighting brand.

If you are interested in an OBLIGATION-FREE and NO COST lighting energy audit, please feel free to contact us by phone or email to

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